Revolutionizing the Air Handling Unit industry: How ClimateCraft is leading the pack

Air handling units (AHUs) are essential for most of buildings. Having customized air handling units can be hugely beneficial for buildings with many constraints and restrictions. Using the right and suitable air handling unit can help the building to save on energy expenses and sustain the entire building in a comfortable environment for decades. ClimateCraft Air Handling Units are highly customized and can be designed by the engineers themselves instead of sending specifications to the manufacturer. It gives the user abundant freedom to figure out the optimal configuration with regards to the components needed and unique dimensions.

ClimateCraft AHUs are suitable for both new buildings and retrofit projects. They’re ideal for applications ranging from 3,000 to 100,000 CFM. Nowadays, the AHU industry is competitive and with all the necessary features most of the manufacturers have, ClimateCraft is unique in its own way. Its fast assembly time and cheap labour cost has been a major advantage in the industry. According to Coy Gillard, superintendent at mechanical contracting from Nashville Machine Co., and responsible for Vanderbilt University’s HVAC equipment, the university wanted the research building to be upgraded as quickly as possible so that it wouldn’t interfere with the ongoing research and student classes. Coy applied the ClimateCraft ACCESS system to the project, and consequently, the assembly and installation went smoothly. Not only did the unit installation start running ahead of schedule, but he also saved an additional 10% on labour costs.

Furthermore, another significant strength of ClimateCraft is the speed of availability. A usual ClimateCraft AHU can be available in merely 3 weeks, whereas in the AHU industry, a unit has a typical lead time of over 10 weeks. This is what makes the product more competitive in the market. For projects that needs to be done in a very limited period of time, this special 3-week fast delivery function can be the perfect option.

Last but not least, ClimateCraft has a well-known reputation for its extraordinary quality. ClimateCraft products are considered by numerous of engineers because of its excellent performance. For example, for a retrofit project in Denver Community College, the old air handling unit was aged and many components needed a replacement as soon as possible. The unit was producing unbearable noise and caused floors to shake, hugely disturbed students’ study time. The college’s HVAC supervisor, Michael Snead, indicated he was expecting a huge efficiency improvement from the newly installed ClimateCraft AHUs, replacing the old units. As expected, ClimateCraft ACCESS technology employed a relatively more productive fan bank. He also observed a decrease in maintenance cost, as anticipated, demonstrated by the evaporative cooling unit, which was not present in the previous AHU. The installation of ClimateCraft AHUs proved to be effective for the college, translating to direct cost savings and the elimination of the disruptive noises and shaking floors.

In conclusion, not only do ClimateCraft AHUs make buildings more operationally efficient, but the ease and speed of installation are highly appreciated by engineers and owners. No doubt, these features are the most significant reasons why ClimateCraft products are being widely used around the world.

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