Hygromatik humidifiers: Improving air quality efficiently

Canada is known for its extreme winters. The discomfort associated with winter is nearly unbearable at times due to rapid seasonal drops in humidity from fall to winter. Therefore, humidifiers are fairly important for all buildings in Canada. While some small electrical humidifiers are available for household use, in a larger environment, air humidification can be really costly.

Air-conditioners are expensive to operate and evaporative cooling may also be applied in some cases, but the extremely chilly weather in Canada can be brutal. However, Hygromatik provides the perfect solution to buildings that need to be humidified, and it’s also an ideal retrofit product for replacing the aged humidifier. Its demand has grown rapidly in the past few years due to its user-friendly design and effective outcome features.

Hygromatik is a well-known German company offering high quality air humidifying products – its products have been widely applied in over 40 countries around the world. Humidifiers play a key role in creating optimal comfort in buildings, either on hot summer or cold winter days. Hygromatik is dedicated to improving air quality for all its users through its innovative humidifier product offerings.

Hygromatik humidifiers can generally be classified into 2 types; electrode steam humidifiers, and heater-type steam humidifiers, both of them widely used in industry.

The biggest advantages of using Hygromatik humidifiers are ease of maintenance, and capability of running on tap water. Both heating up and/or electrifying tap water will generate waste minerals, and in some cases, the humidifiers are hard to clean up, requiring routine professional maintenance. However, Hygromatik humidifiers can be easily cleaned and maintained by anyone.

Furthermore, it is designed with energy efficiency in mind. For every 2.2 lbs of steam produced per hour, it only consumes 0.75 kWh, which is close to barely 6 cents. With Austria and Germany paving the way in energy efficiency, these energy savings could help buildings save whopping amounts of money, cutting operation costs.

For example, the Hygromatik High Pressure System (HPS) was installed in a blood donation center in Linz, Austria. This center collected stems cells and organs, therefore, humidity was a huge factor in ensuring the preservation and quality of all the biological samples. Since energy costs comprised of a large portion of their overall operational costs, the blood center chose to use Hygromatik HPS to save energy. Eight air handling units were installed, and eleven steam humidifiers were applied. The total annual cost of air humidification decreased from 96,267 EURO to 17,436 EURO, which dramatically helped the blood center cut costs. As well, since Hygromatik products are easy to maintain, the maintenance cost was greatly reduced, allowing any personnel to operate it.

In conclusion, Hygromatik is an ideal product for retrofit as well as new buildings. Not only will it save you money on initial investment, but in the long term, the energy savings will quickly amortize its original investment. Contact Belnor Engineering soon for more details.

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