The Buildings Show comes to Toronto

North America’s largest exposition, networking, and educational seminar event dealing with real estate, design, and construction, is returning to Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre on December 2nd to 4th.

This event has been deemed unique as it brings together over 500 speakers and 30 000 attendees from around the globe and from a range of professions and trades. “This year’s conference programming was created in order to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the big issues, challenges, and business opportunities that lie ahead for this industry,” said Tracie Bowie, VP IIDEXCanada. The event is hosted by Construct Canada for its 27th annual installment, along with PM Expo, Homebuilder & Renovator Expo, IIDEXCanada, which hosts an interior design show, and the World of Concrete Pavilion this year.

For those attending, IIDEXCanada will be located in the north building of the Metro Convention Centre whereas all the others will be in the south building. The event brings together over 1 600 exhibitors and 350 informative seminars, show tables, panels, and presentations as well as a variety of construction, engineering, financial, design, and trades professionals, who are eager to exchange information regarding the most recent tools and innovations in construction, engineering, building maintenance, import/export, and interior design that shape our changing codes and regulations. This is a great opportunity to go out and meet some industry professionals and get some insight into different areas of expertise or possible business or networking opportunities.

It is also the first show under new ownership of Informa Exhibitors, which is rooted in London, England, and had acquired the show from Hanley Wood Exhibitors, head-quartered in Washington, D.C. The event is sponsored by CMD, 3M, Astley-Gilbert, the Toronto Construction Association, and BASF Canada, to name a few. The full list of sponsors can be found on the Construct Canada website along with an abundance of information regarding the event, registering for the seminars and much more.

Many executive members from the following countries will also be present: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This only represents a fraction of the 33 countries that have invested their time and effort into making the journey and participating in this grand event. Benefits of attending include joining in on pre-arranged B2B matchmaking or investment meetings with buyers or distributors, learning about Canadian and global construction markets as well as meeting potential customers and financial decision-makers for consideration on future projects.

Because the event brings together professionals from around the world, there is a strong focus on sustainable and energy-efficient design and construction using Canadian LEED buildings and facilities as an example, due to the increasing technologies made available on the market, as well as a push for joint venturing and fostering new energy strategies or operations initiatives. The Building Show has also created an International Visitor Program package in order to entice and encourage professionals from outside Canada to participate as well in order to enrich the overall experience.

The package includes admission to the International Trade & Business Development seminars as well as free complimentary access to others, the exhibits, access to services in the International Business Centre, a complimentary networking lunch, as well access to additional social events related to the industry. The deadline for registration was November 20th, 2015.

I believe opportunities like these are ideal for any size company or basically any professional directly involved with the building construction, design or energy industry as you never know when the next deal, sale or opportunity may come from. It seems the Building Show does a great job at getting some diversity into the show by introducing perspectives from other areas in the world, which are useful in tackling our own challenges here. The wide range of seminar availability is also very impressive and thus it is not surprising that this is the largest showcase event in North America for this industry. It is also exciting to see Toronto take the charge in terms of Canadian green design as the city has become a model for energy-efficient retrofits and infrastructure in the international market. As a cultural niche, it also serves well in welcoming consultants from around the world.

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