How Canada's New Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund Can Boost Your UI Greenme

Introducing Onyx Solar by Belnor Engineering Inc:

A Revolutionary Solar Solution for Improving Campus Sustainability Performance

Canada’s post-secondary institutions are at the forefront of excellence in science, research, and innovation. They help to train the workforce of tomorrow and create the knowledge and insights needed by the public and private sectors to build a clean, sustainable economy. However, in terms of sustainable campuses, Canada lags far behind on the global scale.

With increasing awareness of climate change around the world, the Government of Canada announced, in Budget 2016, the launch of the application process for a $2-billion fund that will improve research and innovation with regards to sustainable infrastructure at universities and colleges across Canada.

This Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund will enhance and modernize research facilities on Canadian campuses and improve the environmental sustainability of these facilities via the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. These investments will help Canada’s post-secondary institutions act as attractive engines of discovery, thus, boosting the economy.

A Quick Overview

  • The Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund supports the Government of Canada’s objectives by encouraging sustainable and green infrastructure projects

  • The Government of Canada will cover up to 50% of a project’s eligible costs

  • The program will support projects that:

  • Improve the scale or quality of facilities for research and innovation, including commercialization spaces

  • Improve the environmental sustainability of research- and innovation- related infrastructure at post-secondary institutions

What can you do?

  • A university could convert under-utilized space into new research labs that advance its excellence in a specialized field of strength, modernize or create sector-specific training facilities

  • Post-secondary institutions could retrofit existing buildings for research and development or advanced training activities with more energy efficient heating systems and pursue Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

How can you do this? Achieve LEED-standards.

LEED-certified buildings can improve your university’s sustainability performance and global sustainability ranking. However, achieving LEED standards is no small task. Having sustainable yet functional construction materials is integral to any LEED-certified building. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions can significantly help generate clean, free, solar-power based renewable energy while providing immense flexibility in aesthetic design.

What solutions are available to you?

Onyx Solar BIPV 100% customizable glass solutions available in Canada exclusively through Belnor Engineering Inc are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and transparencies to suit your project’s needs – from new construction projects to retrofitting existing buildings.

From designing photovoltaic floors, to pixelated building facades, to colourful skylights, Onyx Solar’s innovatively designed BIPV glass solar solutions featuring active and passive properties are easily integratable into any structure and provide multifunctional bioclimatic properties that will help dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, filter our harmful UV & IR radiation, and provide both thermal and acoustic insulation while providing breath-taking natural illumination, shrinking your carbon footprint, and most importantly, generating clean, free, solar power-based renewable energy.

The combination of these active and passive properties not only improve the building’s envelope, but also improve internal comfort while significantly reducing energy demand and subsequent HVAC costs. Green building could not have been so innovative, flexible, convenient, and customizable!

Why should you do this?

To be seen as a global leader in sustainability initiative and policy, its important to boost your university’s ranking on the UI Greenmetric World University Rankings

The UI Greenmetric World University Ranking is the only global ranking system devoted to evaluating the current conditions and policies related to developing a green and sustainable campus at all universities worldwide. The aim of this ranking is to draw the attention of university leaders and stake holders to take action to combat global climate change, energy and water conservation, waste recycling, and green transportation. Such activities will require behavioural changes and providing more attention to environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Universities have the potential to be global leaders, and it is important to identify and recognize those that are currently leading the way. Hence, to be seen as a global leader in sustainability initiatives, its important to receive a high ranking on the UI Greenmetric World University Ranking.

Of the six core criteria, the university’s attention to the use of energy and climate change issues takes the highest weighting (Energy & Climate Change). Indicators include:

1) Energy efficient appliances usage

2) Renewable energy resources

3) Electricity usage per year

4) Energy conservation program

5) Green building elements

6) Climate change adaptation & mitigation program, and

7) Greenhouse gas emissions reduction policy.

With this indicator, universities are expected to significantly increase energy efficiency efforts in all of their buildings and to improve awareness on natural energy resources.

In Summary

With the new 2016 Post-Secondary Institution Strategic Investment Fund, and with Belnor Engineering constantly striving to bring the most innovative, sustainable, and green solutions to Canada for over 30 years, Onyx Solar’s BIPV glass solutions could not have been more affordable and accessible to Canadians at this time. To take full advantage of these opportunities and boost your campus’ sustainability performance on a global scale, apply to this legendary investment fund by May 9, 2016 and let Belnor Engineering’s exclusive Onyx Solar BIPV glass solar solutions take you to the top of the global sustainability and innovation game.

For more information, visit our website and contact us before the deadline!

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