Movex — The Articulating Fume Extraction Solution

Belnor Engineering Inc. is proud to have been a distributor of Movex products in Canada over the past several years.

Movex, which is the US patented name for their Swedish parent company, Fumex, provides a wide array of local and point extraction devices, exhaust extractors, fans, and filters, as part of an articulating arm extraction solution for laboratory, pharmaceutical, healthcare, production, and industrial applications.

Operating out of Northampton, Pennsylvania, one of the main lines they supply is the TERFU line, which offers enhanced flexibility because of its ability to rotate 360 degrees on a swivel while mounted in place.

The TERFU extraction arms are also equipped with articulating joints that are supported by ball bearings, which offer a range of friction at the joints for different ranges and applications of movement.

They can also be mounted on the ceiling, table or wall with anodized aluminum mounting brackets and escutcheon plates can be provided to cover holes made in finished ceiling. Another feature of the brackets is that they act as ducts as well, which eliminates the need to install additional expensive ductwork in a sensitive environment. In addition, these arms are provided in different material coatings and three sizes: 2, 3 and 4 inch.

Depending on some laboratory applications, it is important to understand corrosion-proof requirements because of the type of chemicals dealt with in the working environment. Movex offers the TERFU line in four versions: the standard version where the tubes are aluminum and the joints are polypropylene. This version is applicable for most airborne gases and particulates.

The polypropylene version is the second option where both the joints and tubes are covered in PP, which is used for highly corrosive chemical cases. The ESD version is the third option, which is incorporated in environments such as the electronics industry, which must follow EN 61340–5–1 directive, and the ATEX version, which follows 94/9/EC category 2 requirements for gases and dust, is used mostly in explosive environments.

For laboratory-specific environments, Movex suggests using the TE extractor due to its low pressure drop characteristics, which in turn translates to energy savings. This is accomplished by using a larger diameter extractor and allows to be integrated with other extraction devices. In addition, the TE produces low ventilation noise and is offered in the four material versions explained above therefore it is a clear cut solution for fume extraction needs in critical airflow environments.

For welding construction and manufacturing sites, the RX series of gas extractors is recommended. It comes with a gas spring that balances the dead weight of the arm and handles very easily without rebounding out of position.

As briefly mentioned, Movex offers the LFK-70 filter, for example, as a stand-alone unit for exhaust extraction as well. The filter provides variable speed control for airflow adjustment and turndown according to different specified requirements, low acoustical noise, and excellent flexibility. They also offer 4 different gas filters and 3 different types of particle filters, which act in three stages to separate 99.97% of all particles < 0.3 micrometres.

For gas filters, the filter volume is used for active carbon, which helps separate the particles.

A non-sparking aluminum fan is also used and placed outside of the airstream in order to ensure undisturbed airflow and as an add-on feature, a differential pressure manometer can be installed to detect when the filter is full.

By offering point fume extraction solutions, Belnor Engineering Inc. compliments their existing critical airflow control product lines for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications and allows us to extend into the industrial markets as well, such as the petrochemical and manufacturing facilities.

We are eager to connect with customers who are in need of efficient and reliable products for these applications and build on these successes in order to prove their value. Having partnered with educational institutions on Movex such as the University of Waterloo QNC and Douglas Wright Engineering II Buildings, for example, Belnor can bring significant expertise to the table, with over thirty years of experience in the laboratory business in Ontario.

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