Get A Warm and Toasty Office This Winter With Sustainable Marley QMARK Electric Heaters

Belnor Engineering Inc. has been a proud distributor of Marley electric and radiant heating products throughout Ontario and Québec for the past couple of years. Under its Canadian division, QMARK, Marley Engineered Products has aimed at delivering local and perimeter heating solutions to schools, warehouses, residential homes, offices, research facilities, hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing plants, and more. Their product line covers a wide range of custom and off-the-shelf heaters, such as baseboard heaters, radiant ceiling panels, air curtains, forced-flow heaters, infrared heaters, and unit heaters that come in various voltages, wattages, and can be installed in different ways to suit any application.

QMARKs electric baseboard heater series, HBB, for example, offers an ideal option for home renovations. The simplicity of this model allows for direct electrical hook up, without the need for chimney or duct work, boiler installation or plumbing. This baseboard heater is hydronic, therefore operating through convection using a heating element immersed in heat transfer fluid. The design of the baseboard also allows for easy installation, either flush to a wall or flat on any floor, without compromising the heat dispersion or the airflow. In addition, the construction of the unit is composed of heavy-duty welded steel louvered grilles to significantly reduce the possibility of objects entering the heater through the discharge area. The junction boxes are also made of high-strength Lexan to improve wear and scratch resistance. Finally, there is a built-in shut-off capability for overheat, which all in all, proves why this baseboard model has been one of our most popular products.

QMARK also provides a popular radiant ceiling panel series, the CP series. The CP panel has many advantages, including no noise, maintenance or moving parts. In addition, it can be recess or surface mounted and installed in drop ceilings and it is entirely pre-wired, including the green ground wire. It offers a lightweight, convenient, and simple approach to radiant ceiling heating at a competitive price, which is why it has also been a top seller these past years. It is available in 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V and 347V as well as from 250W to 750W, and can be tied in to a remote line voltage thermostat, available in either as digital or analog. If the idea of a panel is suitable for the application but not on the ceiling, Belnor recommends the 202SL radiant under-desk plug-in heater. This 120V, 170W panel is an efficient approach to areas where local heating is needed in office environments or banks where perimeter heating through baseboards is not sufficient.

In addition to radiant and baseboard heating, QMARK also offers many solutions for forced-flow heating. The most recent addition to the line has been the programmable wall heaters, dubbed the Smart Series, which come with LED display and a 5 day/ 2 day electronic programmable built-in thermostat, which adapts to any life style and comfort. These heaters automatically adjust the wattage output and blower speed to maintain the level of quiet operation as the other heater models and also offer heavy-duty steel construction. The discharge area is composed of a grid, again to discourage objects from entering the heater and potentially causing unwanted damage. The thermostat display is also very easy to use, offering temperature input and display in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, fan speed display as well as a remote that can provide power and heat adjustment from up to twelve feet away. These have traditionally been ideal for big bedrooms, basements, attics, offices, and workshops.

Belnor Engineering Inc. has been able to diversify and expand into these different markets over the past couple of years and electric heating has been a ticket in. Marley has been quite competitive against Stelpro, Chromalox, and Reznor, for example, by maintaining an open forum between its distributors and allowing for adjustment to market needs. In addition, their excellent customer support allows for efficient and easy shipping and delivery to the customer usually between one to four weeks from South Carolina. If you do not have an account set up with us for Marley Engineered QMARK’s range of innovative and well-reputed products, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team!

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