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May 9, 2016

Convincing a building owner or facility manager on an energy retrofit proposal given limited operational and maintenance budgets can be quite challenging if not presented with the proper tools or methods to accurately demonstrate the true present and future values of t...

As commonly known in the HVAC industry, the precision of airflow measurement is important for most industrial working environments.


It will essentially affect the general operational performance of the airflow and HVAC systems.


However, it is less commonly known that...



According to the report, “Global Construction 2030”, the world construction market will resume its momentum to continuously grow bigger, predicting that the global construction industry will grow by 85% to 15.3 trillion by 2030. China, USA, and India – the top three...


According to a survey conducted by lab professionals in 2010, approximately 43% of fume hoods among 247 labs across United States are conventional CAV (Constant Air Volume) fume hoods. An average CAV fume hood can consume as much as about 3.5 times the amount of energ...


The United States Department of Energy claims that the future of clean energy has now arrived.


The Department released an annual report termed Energy Revolution 2015,  which focused at delivering progress updates on four major technological areas in the field of clean...


North America’s largest exposition, networking, and educational seminar event dealing with real estate, design, and construction, is returning to Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre on December 2nd to 4th.


This event has been deemed unique as it brings together over 500...


Few people know that in most critical environments, such as laboratories and health care units, air flow is strictly controlled by the building's HVAC system.


In general, there are two types of air flow systems: Constant Air Volume (CAV) and Variable Air Volume (VAV);...

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