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For over 30 years, Belnor Engineering has been designing and building precision airflow control solutions that are innovative and cost less to operate and maintain. As the company continues to grow – gaining new customers, building new projects – Belnor continues expanding into more industries requiring better airflow control.


At Belnor, we supply, commission and sustain Phoenix Control systems in critical environments such as laboratories, vivariums, hospital spaces and clean rooms – environments where it is imperative to maintain directional air flow and pressure relationships to ensure the safety of occupants and the environment. By way of example, Belnor has more than 5,000 valves commissioned and operating in Ontario, offering customer very low maintenance and low service costs.


For over three decades, we have supplied special low-profile exhaust fans at the roof level. Lightweight modular construction, low-profile design, maintenance-free operation, low noise levels, lower operating costs and the industry’s first seven-year warranty make these fans a system of choice.


Over the years, Belnor has made the transition into other environments where safe, clean air for workers is of uppermost concern. We also offer products and solutions that eliminate particles and gases during welding and soldering in industrial applications, the pharmaceutical industry, labs and schools, auto repair shops, fire name it.


As Belnor embarks on its next quarter-century, our mission is "to continue to build on a strong history of success that, as always, has depended on a commitment to innovation in order to deliver greater health and safety, performance, cost-savings, and environmental sustainability for a brighter future".

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