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Model 550:
Medium to Large Spaces
Model 370:
Small Space Solution



The World's Smartest HVAC Companion:


Add Safety & Efficiency To Your HVAC System​

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ will keep your facility occupants
safe by providing real-time air quality monitoring
based on high accuracy detection of dangerous
gases, including the temperature and humidity of the


Instead of letting your HVAC run constantly,
the device helps to reduce energy costs by sending
monitored information to the building’s ventilation and
control systems, and accordingly optimizing air change


This energy-saving concept was designed for
hospitals, laboratories, and university research centers
with high air change rates per hour.

Based on your facilities’ needs, Belnor IAQ Warden™ can be customized to detect over 60 pollutants as well as particulates PM1, 2.5 and PM10.


The chemicals to be measured by the device are specified at the time of order based on each application.


Users can even download AQ and performance data.

Suitable for any job, and with over 60 different sensors to choose from, the Belnor IAQ Warden™ is perfect for any

Customized To Suit Your Environment


Detected Gases


H2S, SO2, CO2, CO, Cl, C2HO4, H2, HCl, HCN, NH3, O3, NO2, PH3, O2, CH4, NO, VOCs and more



GPRS, Modbus, Bluetooth & WiFi available

Cost-Conscious Design


Low cost, easy maintenance, and calibration promotes energy efficiency with HVAC

Suits Any Facility Size


Scalable network of Belnor IAQ Warden™ units possible based off of facility size

Data Storage


Data can be stored locally using a built-in SD Card

Quiet Functionality


Belnor IAQ Warden™ was designed with indoor environments in mind

Your Safety In Mind


Features an option to trigger a notification when indoor air quality reaches dangerous levels

HVAC Compatibility


Belnor IAQ Warden™ is compatible with BACnet systems, Modbus, and current & voltage output

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