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As the setting for experimentation, testing or analysis, a laboratory is a specialized environment. Whether the laboratory is at a university, pharmaceutical or chemical facility, or in a medical or private research setting, its operation must be reliable.


In every case, the laboratory airflow control system is vital to researchers’ safety. It exhausts noxious fumes from the fume hoods, maintains correct room pressurization, and creates a comfortable working environment.


The primary objectives of laboratory airflow systems can be achieved easily with our airflow automation & control systems and venturi valve solutions:

• Operator Safety – Capturing and containing fumes
• Room Pressurization – Maintaining correct airflow direction
• Ventilation – Providing proper air changes
• Comfort – Providing proper temperature control


For over 30 years, Belnor Engineering Inc. has been serving the industry by designing and building chemical fume hood laboratory control systems that are innovative, meet specific objectives, and cost less to operate and maintain.

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