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Model 550:
Medium to Large Spaces
Model 370:
Small Space Solution

Introducing UltraBT™ by Lindab

Belnor Engineering brings to you Lindab Group's UltraBT™ smart room control system driven by state-of-the-art UltraLink™ Demand Controlled Ventilation regulating technology.


Traditionally, installing a ventilation system is time consuming, disruptive, and expensive. Lindab's revolutionary technology has made it easier by replacing them with innovative ventilation systems of tomorrow.

The UltraBT system, which also consists of sensors and an app, delivers premium air quality, adjusted by the time of day and
usage, with easy installation and simple management.

No wires, no heavy installation, no restoration required at room level. 

Take a look below. View the product brochure here.

ultralink system.png
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