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Nowhere is infection control more critical than in operating rooms (ORs), where sensitive internal tissue risks exposure to airborne pathogens. While all ORs receive positive pressure, on rare occasions highly infectious patients undergoing surgery require a negative pressure OR.


With hospitals being one of the most demanding energy consumers due to 24/7 operations and medical equipment power requirements, energy conservation measures often need to be implemented to counteract rising energy costs and shrinking budgets.


Typical Belnor operating room design criteria include the following:


  • Positively pressurized space

  • 25 ACH when using return air

  • 15 ACH if is using 100% outside air

  • Runs at constant volume, operating 24 hours a day

  • During surgery temperature range 60‒65°F

  • Humidity 30‒60%

  • Energy savings using the industry’s highest turndown ratios


Our venturi valve solutions and airflow automation & control systems include full airflow control for the high air change rates required in operating suites. A single controller can manage temperature control, humidity control, pressure monitoring, network integration and up to 5,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow.

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