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Isolation rooms are single-bed patient rooms designed to protect either the patient or staff and public from infectious disease. Isolation rooms can vary a great deal in design, depending on the ward's configuration, patient needs, and design principles. All isolation rooms require directional airflow either inward or outward from the room, plus some type of pressure monitor to verify proper operation.


Belnor applies the CSA Standard Z317.2-10 6.10.5 for airborne isolation rooms.


Typical isolation room design requirements:

• maintain continuous negative air pressure
• monitor air pressure periodically (daily) or with permanent visual monitoring mechanism
• ensure rooms are well-sealed, with no leakage
• self-closing devices on exit doors
• > 12 ACH for renovated or newly constructed rooms; > 6 ACH for existing rooms
• direct exhaust air outside, away from intake
• HEPA filtration and/or UVGI filtered exhaust

Precise control of isolation room pressurization is ensured using state-of-the-art venturi valves and airflow automation & control systems. Belnor’s combined use of these systems solutions with pressure monitors offer easy integrations, providing local display, alarming, and network integration.

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