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Indoor air quality is one of the most important factors affecting human health, safety, wellness, and productivity. Monitoring it is important, and having access to data is even more important.

With our novel Belnor IAQ Warden™, the world's Smartest HVAC Companion, your facility occupants will be kept safe by providing real-time air quality monitoring based on high accuracy detection of dangerous gases, including the temperature and humidity of the sample.

Initially designed as an energy-saving concept for hospitals, laboratories, and university research centers with high air change rates per hour, the Belnor IAQ Warden™ can be customized to detect over 60 pollutants as well as particulates PM1, 2.5 and PM10 based on your facilities’ needs.

Additionally, instead of letting your HVAC systems run constantly, the device helps to reduce energy costs by sending monitored information to the building’s ventilation and control systems and accordingly optimizing air change rates.

According to the WELL Building Standard, building performance, such as ventilation and infiltration rates, is highly variable and has a direct effect on indoor air quality. To maintain ideal performance metrics, projects must continuously gather data on building performance. Collecting this data allows individuals to be aware of and promptly fix any deviations in indoor quality metrics.

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ helps facility owners achieve the WELL Building Standard Certification by allowing users to monitor and effectively remediate indoor air quality issues and inform building managers and occupants of the quality of the indoor environment. Users can even download air quality and performance data, which is an added bonus to achieving WELL Certification.

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ also helps facility owners achieve the LEED Building Standard Certification by improving the energy efficiency of the facility's HVAC systems. 

According to the LEED Building Standard, which also covers overall air quality control and assessment, tobacco smoke control, acoustics, low-emitting materials, construction air quality management, thermal comfort, lighting, and views, environmental quality and clean indoor air are essential living standards.

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ helps facility owners achieve the LEED Building Standard Certification by monitoring pollutants and allergens from the outdoors, minimizing indoor VOCs and air toxins, and creating access to fresh airflow. These strategies improve occupants' respiratory health and comfort as they go about their day.


Users can also detect various organic and inorganic compounds and download data, focusing on priority VOCs for indoor spaces, which is an added bonus for indoor air quality testing requirements for achieving LEED Certification.

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