The Green Solution Hood.

The Energy Efficient Fume Hood.

Uses 96% LESS energy than standard fume hoods.

Saving energy means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby shrinking your institution's carbon footprint while saving money.


Patented adsorption technology removes harmful fumes instead of tradiational ventilation.

Harmful fumes are adsorbed y a patented filtration system unlike traditional hoods that are vented to disperse the harmful fumes into the atmosphere.


Saturated filters incinerated in zero-impact CO2 cycles.


Minimal ductwork allows for smaller building designs and lower building material & HVAC costs.

The Green Solution Hood does not require additional ductwork like traditional hoods, resulting in cost savings on all fronts.


Ductless design allows for easy re-installation and integration into novel laboratory design.

Ductless design allows for flexibility - the Green Solution Hood can be moved to accomodate updates and changes in lab design.

The Green Solution Hood represents unprecedented safety in a fume hood, using 96% less energy than standard hoods with an operating cost that is 70% lower.


Through its patented Neutrodine® chemical filtration system by Erlab®, this environmentally-friendly fume hood uses molecular adsorption to handle fumes from acids, solvents, liquids, and even powders with the use of a HEPA filter accessory, together or individually, all under the same hood.


The Green Solution Hood is a ductless fume hood that is ecologically responsible with endless applications in businesses, high schools, and higher-education institutions looking to control costs while ensuring high-quality performance.


Contact us today and make this sustainable solution a part of your business and/or institutional climate action plan! Looking for more sustainable solutions? Check out our Onyx Solar BIPV Solutions and take your climate action plan even further!

Looking for fume hood accessories?

We have a wide range of accesories available to complement your fume hood(s).

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